Parc Esta Drone And Condo Details

Parc Esta, formerly known as Eunosville, is a 99-year leasehold condominium developed by MCL Land. There are wide choice of branded nurseries, popular primary schools, secondary schools and international schools such as Haig Girls' School, Eunos Primary School, Maha Bodhi School, Tanjong Katong Primary School, CHIJ (Katong) Primary, Tao Nan School, Canadian International School, Global Indian International School, James Cook University and Singapore University of Technology and Design, that are close proximity to Parc Esta, just minutes away by car.
Industry sources say former Eunosville residents (who each pocketed between $2.25 million and $2.41 million from the collective sale) are invited to the launch, and that some may buy units at the new parc esta showflat location 99-year leasehold development. Assuming that the company aims for a target profit margin of 10%, the average selling price of Parc Esta should land somewhere between $1500 to $1600 per square foot.

A key catalyst to rejuvenate Paya Lebar as part of URA master plan, the Paya Lebar Quarters will feature three Grade A office towers with a whopping 1 million square feet of offices and amenties, 340,000 square feet of retail space offering dining, shopping and entertainment options, with 3 residential blocks of 429 luxurious apartments.
It was thought that among the plot of lands and properties, the main cost being submitted was the 2nd highest gross since most developers find their interest about Singapore's real estate, nevertheless the limitation imposed by Government Land Sales Programme wasn't that enough for sustainance.
Parc Esta condo's Proximity to public transport especially the MRT will literally gives an value-added advantages to any properties and Parc Esta beautifully succeed that due to its perfect location giving its potential residents multiple options for travel.

Based on size alone, it does seem rather well-proportioned to the other tiers - meaning that the lucky 18 who opted for these units wouldn't be forced to fork out a much higher quantum (this despite a private lift of its own) - a usual case for most ‘premium' units.
In case you are unaware, this precinct in the eastern region has some of the best secondary schools and junior college in Singapore which include CHIJ Katong Convent, Tanjong Katong Girls' School, Chung Cheng High School (Main), Dunman High School, St Patrick's School, and Victoria Junior College.

Paya Lebar is being designated as one of the most important development of the East now, as the government is developing this area to be the sub commercial hub as a means to bring work closer to homes of the people and also to decentralize CBD area as a way to reduce congestions in the city area.
It is one MRT stop to Paya Lebar commercial hub where the retail and commercials are taking shape, with new amenities and infrastructure being planned around it. Parc Esta is only two stations to Bedok MRT Station where residents are able to have more shopping choices at the Bedok Mall.

Mr. Lim, who works for the ERA, stated that considering the fact that Paya Lebar will help with providing jobs and improving the labor conditions of people in the area, a lot of people will definitely be drawn to the place, and it will be sure to provide even more potential residents to Parc Condo.
Parc Esta Condominium is located in a strategic plot of land. Located less than 200 meters away is the Eunos MRT station. Find out more on the location of Parc Esta condo and the potential of its capital to appreciate in the near future. Some units will have unblocked view towards the city, East Coast Park and northern side of Singapore.

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