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It doesn't have to be International Cat Day (August 8, by the way) to celebrate our feline friends. So does Jackson Galaxy , the cat behaviorist host of My Cat from HellВ (currently in its seventh season on Animal Planet ). Though Galaxy coaches pet parents how to mellow out their hyper, spooked, and occasionally mystifying felines as a day job, spends his down hours advocating for animal adoptions, and returns home to his own menagerie of animals, he still indulges in YouTube's finest cat videos.
Participants in the study reportedly had fewer negative emotions such as anxiety, sadness and annoyance after watching cat videos, even when they viewed Internet cats at work or while studying The pleasure they got from watching cat videos seemed to outweigh any guilt they felt about procrastinating.

Some people may think watching online cat videos isn't a serious enough topic for academic research, but the fact is that it's one of the most popular uses of the Internet today. Here FeliniRocks are some funny cat videos for cats to watch. They spend most of their time sleeping, anyways, and they look darn cute doing it. After watching this, you can't have a bad day.

Myrick's work also suggests that people feel energized, happier and more hopeful after viewing cute animal videos, which entirely matches my personal experience. There's something incredibly calming about watching funny cat videos. Filmed emerging from its den for the first time since being born (see video above), the kitten is not only winsome and adorable, it is hugely appealing due to its rarity.
The present survey of Internet users (N = 6795) explored the correlates of viewing Internet cats,” motivations for consuming this media, and its potential effects on users. In Myrick's study, the most popular sites for viewing cat videos were Facebook, YouTube, Buzzfeed, and I Can Has Cheezburger.

With their round faces, short muzzles, and distinctive pout, Persian cats are definitely one of the cutest cat breeds. YouTube contains tons of links to other related videos that sometimes you don't want your children to see. We also make educational cat videos.
This video is one of the most popular of all kitten videos. Persian cats are known for their easygoing personalities and long, lustrous coats that need careful upkeep. Of the participants in the study, about 36 percent described themselves as a cat person,” while about 60 percent said they liked both cats and dogs.

Once again, the kitty mega event is back at CHS Field in St. Paul, where cat lovers will dress up like cats, drink beer like humans and laugh the night away while watching short YouTube videos. Prepare to see some adorableness as these cats try to help their humans do their homework.
Fluffy and colorful, ragdoll cats are not only one of the cutest cat breeds, they're also one of the most playful. CatCon's creator, Susan Michals, thinks part of the reason the videos are super popular is that they give us a mental break from the world. Cat videos had more views per video than any other category of YouTube content.

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